Los Angeles is a unique city, which is so many people visit each year. Some of the best places to take photos are in Los Angeles, therefore making LA one of the best areas to snap some photos for your Instagram feed.

We gathered a list of our favorite, some well known and some not so well known, Instagramable places in Los Angeles! Feel free to check out the location Instagram feed linked to each place in this write-up.

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The Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign Instagram Photo Feed

It wouldn’t be a most Instagramable list for Los Angeles unless we started the list with the Hollywood Sign. This LA Landmark has become so iconic that the residents of the Hollywood Hills have made it impossible to get to the sign. Now you have to take a detour around the edge of the hills to take your Instagram photo. Non the less this spot is a must visit for your Instagram feed.

The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore Instagram Photo Feed

The last bookstore is probably the coolest library you will ever visit. There are many art installations within the bookstore, which makes it one of LA’s most instagrammable spots. However, once your done taking photos you can browse California’s largest book and record store.

Made In LA Wall

Made In LA Wall Instagram Photo Feed

Located on the iconic Melrose Ave, the Made in LA wall is a frequented destination for many who pass through LA since it was painted in 2013.

The Bradbury Building

The Bradbury Building Instagram Photo Feed

The Bradbury Building a great example of how historic fine architecture will always have a place in modern times. The design and feel of this building is something that many come to experience when they are in Los Angeles.

The Stahl House

The Stahl House Instagram Photo Feed

The Stahl House is an architectural Case Study House by the Arts & Architecture Magazine in 1960. In 1999 the house turned into a historic landmark and you can pay to take a tour of the house. Since the Stahl House is located towards the top of the Hollywood Hills it makes for great photos when you take your tour.

Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory Instagram Photo Feed

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles’s own planetarium. However, the majority of those that come visit this landmark are more interested in the wide open views of all of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign.


The Broad

The Broad Instagram Photo Feed

The Broad is a newer contemporary art museum in Downtown Los Angeles with exhibits that are free and breathtaking. Many flock here to take photos of art that are often described as “eye-opening” and “incredible”.

Lamps at the LACMA

The LACMA Instagram Photo Feed

The LACMA is one of the most popular places to visit on this list. Not just because they have a ton of great exhibits, but because some of the coolest stuff there is on the outside and therefore free. The Lamps at the LACMA are iconic and at night they make for one of the best Instagram spots in all of LA. However, you must be warned that it is practically impossible to go there on a day where it isn’t crowded.

The Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream Instagram Photo Feed

Sadly the Museum Of Ice Cream closed its doors in LA on December 18th to move to a new location which is unknown. However, if the new location is anything like the old one it will be an Instagrammers dream.

The Getty Center

The Getty Center Instagram Photo Feed

The Getty Museum is located just outside Brentwood and is free as long as you don’t park in their parking lot. The Museum is an art collectors dream and with over 1 million visitors each year it is one of the most popular museums in the United States. From the botanical garden, the scenic cliffside views and the amazing architecture there are more than enough places for you to get a great Instagram photo.

Huntington Library

Huntington Library Instagram Photo Feed

The Huntington Library is located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, but it is definitely worth the trip and the parking fees. The vast space has a bountiful art collection worth millions of dollars and many priceless botanical exhibits. There is so much to see and take to take photos of here that you might want to plan two trips to see everything.

The 14th Factory

The 14th Factory Instagram Photo Feed

The 14th Factory first opened in early 2017, where it created an art installation in an abandoned LA warehouse. Over 20 collaborators created pieces for the exhibit, which made for 14 interlinked art spaces within the warehouses. Check out their Instagram location for picture ideas.


Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon Instagram Photo Feed

When you think of Los Angeles, you most likely think of the Hollywood Sign and Runyon Canyon. This trail has become the most popular and well-known hikes in all of LA because of the rewarding view at the top. Not only do you get a

Franklin Canyon Park

Franklin Canyon Park Instagram Photo Feed

Located in the eastern part of the Santa Monica Mountains, Franklin Canyon Park is a great free hike that is about 5 mils long. The grounds have a nice pond and lake that serve as a protected reserve for the animals that live in it, meaning that if you bring your camera you might come across a lot of cool fish, birds, and even a few turtles.

Murphy’s Ranch

Murphy’s Ranch Instagram Photo Feed

Murphy’s Ranch is a 4-mile loop trail through the Pacific Palisades and back in the 1930’s, it was a camp for Nazi supporters. Now the area is a popular trail because of the graffiti art and the ruin like building from the early 1900’s. The trail takes you through the forest and along prominent buildings from the oldNazii camp. When you walk the trail don’t be surprised if you stumble upon multiple professional photography and videography shoots.

The Wisdom Tree

The Wisdom Tree Instagram Photo Feed

This is the newest edition of Griffith Park. The Wisdom Tree Trail is more of an intermediate hike, but the trail is well kept. Round-trip the hike to the Wisdom Tree should be about 3 miles or 2 hours of time. Once you reach the peak you will see the lone Wisdom Tree on one side of the ridgeline and a huge American Flag on the other side, both with great views and great photo ops.

The Secret Swing in Elysian Park

The Secret Swing Instagram Photo Feed

Located right at Dodger Stadium and the 110 Freeway Elysian Park is a great beginners hike. Not only is this park very underrated, but it has a secret swing on the hillside where many go for photos, picnics and more. The trail to get to the swing is steep, but extremely short, which means that you should wear some sturdy shoes.