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Frequently Asked Questions

Lost & Found

If you believe that you lost something in one of our vehicles, please click here and Submit a Request about your lost item straight away. We will be in touch within two business days. Please include as much information as possible to help us with your search.

If a driver finds a lost item in their car, our drivers are asked to bring the item to their respective taxi office within 48 hours. Typically, our fleet partners hold lost items at their office for up to 30 days for you to either pick up or arrange mailing.

Please note that we nor our fleet partners or drivers are not responsible for any lost item that is not found or is found damaged.

Receipt Request
Unfortunately, we cannot generate a duplicate copy of your taxi receipt for you, so please make sure that you get a paper receipt from your driver at the end of your ride and keep it safe.

If you do not have your receipt and need to document your taxi ride, you can click here for a downloadable pdf of a receipt template that you can fill out with your ride details.

 In the future, if you would like to receive automatic email receipts for your rides, we recommend that you use the RideYellow app and pay for your ride using a stored credit card in the app.

Customer Complaint

We apologize if for any reason your experience with our service was not a positive one.  We always want to resolve service issues and improve our product, so we would love to hear about what happened. If you would like to tell us about what happened and/or need something resolved, please click here and Submit a Request We will be in touch with you within two business days.

We appreciate constructive feedback from our customers and take your feedback seriously.

Payment Options
We are happy to offer many payment options for our customers:

Cash –  pay the driver cash directly.

Credit or Debit Card – pay using the payment device in the back of the cab. Please note that we do not accept Discover card at this time.

Mobile Pay – we accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet via the payment device in the back of the cab.

App Payments – our app asks you to select either “Pay In Cab” or “App” as your payment method prior to booking your ride. Selecting “App” requires that you add a credit card or debit card to the app, which will be automatically charged at the end of your trip.

Business Accounts – Our business accounts service makes it easy for companies to  cover ride costs for their clients and employees. Business account rides can be booked over the phone, online via our business account portal, or through the the RideYellow app. Paper voucher slips are also available if preferred. If you’d like to set up a business account with us, please complete the contact form on this page rideyellow.com/business and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Fare Estimate
Putting discounts and traffic delays aside, you can estimate the cost of any trip you take with us by simply multiplying the number of miles you will be traveling by $3. And remember, multiple passengers always ride for the price of one.
Pets & Service Animals
If you are traveling with a pet, please place your order via phone and tell the agent that you will be riding with a furry friend. Please note that small pets need to be in a carrier and/or on a leash. Service animals on a leash are always permitted to ride with the passenger.
Wheelchair Access
Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available at no extra charge. However, due to the limited number of wheelchair accessible vehicles that we have in our fleet, reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance. Given the high demand for these vehicles, it can be challenging at times to get one reserved, so we really appreciate your patience.
Child Car Seats
We do not provide car seats in our vehicles. Parents are responsible to provide the correct child passenger restraint system for their children. Children under age 8 and under 57” must be properly secured in a child restraint system.  All other children age 8 to 16 or over 57″ must be secured in a properly fitted seat belt.

Effective January 1, 2017, children under age 2, and under 40 lbs. or under 40”, must be properly secured in a rear-facing child restraint system. Children under age 8 must be restrained in a child passenger restraint system in the rear seat.

California law specifically requires children to be properly restrained, meaning the lap belt is low on the hips, touching the upper thighs, and the shoulder belt is crossing the center of the chest.

Children in rear-facing car seats may not ride in front if there is an active passenger air bag. Violation of the child passenger safety law is a standard offense.

Max Passengers Per Taxi
The majority of our vehicles are Toyota Prius sedans, which can seat up to 4 passengers (all passengers ride for the price of one). However, if your party requires up to 6 passengers, you may call to request a minivan for no additional charge. Please note that requesting a minivan may result in a longer wait time for pickup.
Airport Pickups/Dropoffs
For pickups from the airport, please walk to the taxi stand conveniently located at the exit outside of baggage claim. A staff-person will direct you to the next available vehicle. Please note that you can NOT use the RideYellow app to get picked up from any airport.

Our cabs are available to pickup 24/7.

Become a Driver
Please apply at rideyellow.com/driver

Please note that you will NOT be eligible to become a RideYellow driver if you:

Are under 21 years of age

Have a two point violation on your record such as DUI

Have 7 or more points on your record within the last 6 years

Have a criminal history (subject to approval)

Submit a Help Request

Got a question, complaint, or lose something in one of our cabs? Please click the button below to submit a help request. Our support staff will get back to you within two business days.