Women know that requesting a ride can sometimes feel like a risky situation. This is why we at RideYellow pride ourselves in having the standards in place to prevent any sort of situations arising. Transportation services should never feel like a risk to whomever requests a ride.

We take the safety of all of our passengers extremely seriously, which is why all of our taxi partners have these standards in place to make getting a cab a positive experience. 


Background Checks

All of the drivers in the fleets we partner with must pass a Fingerprint Government Background Check screening before becoming a driver. A normal background check will bring up what is public record about an individual, however, our background checks dig into the applicant’s entire criminal history.

If the people who work with children, like teachers and bus drivers, have to pass a Fingerprint Background Check, so should your taxi driver.


24/7 Video Surveillance

Every fleet that partners with RideYellow must have 24/7 video surveillance inside of the taxi. This extra level of safety helps give our riders peace of mind that everything is on video. If there is ever a dispute or incident the video is pulled and reviewed.


Peer Review Board For Driver Complaints

As we receive a complaint about a driver the complaint is reviewed in its entirety. A Peer Review Board comes in, after all of the evidence is gathered, to make a decision on how the driver will be penalized. The Peer Review Board ensures that decisions are not biased, giving drivers incentive to uphold quality standards.


24/7 Dispatch Operators

We pride ourselves in not only being the best Taxi App, but also having fleet partners with 24/7 dispatch centers. An operator is just a phone call away, incase you need one. Sometimes it is nice to talk to a person when you need an update on your ride.

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