Having perfect weather in Los Angeles is one of the best parts of living here. The only downside is feeling left out when you have the urge to build a snowman, go ice skating or sledding. Most would say that you are not going to find that in LA. However, we are here to disprove that and show you just how much of a winter wonderland the City of Angels can actually be.

If you are from the Los Angeles and have given up on finding true winter in LA from the east coast and are feeling a little homesick or want to spruce up your winter Instagram feed, there will be something on this list near you that you might want to check out this winter in Los Angeles.

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Snow Day LA

Since it never snows in LA, how often do you get to go sledding through the heart of Downtown LA? The answer is only once a year at Snow Day LA.

Just outside of Dodger Stadium a snow hill is created every year for people to go sledding down. This pop-up holiday experience also includes an ice skating rink, games, food trucks and much more.

Snow Day LA is open evenings of Friday and Saturday until December 17th.


If there is one thing Disney is known for it is for going over-the-top with its festive decorating. This is what makes Disney the best place to visit in Los Angeles during the winter season.

Since the Christmas decorations are up for close to two months you have more chances to go during less crowded days to see more of the park.

Whether you want to experience the Christmas festivities in the park or walk Downtown Disney for free, you won’t be disappointed. The free Downtown Disney also has a lot of festive Christmas decorations including a huge Christmas Tree.

Christmas at Disneyland goes from November 10th to January 7th.

Ice Skating

Nothing says winter wonderland more than skating around a frozen lake. Fortunately, there are several places around Los Angeles that have outdoor and indoor ice rinks where you can rent your skates from.

Here are a few of the better rinks where you just might find yourself ice skating in your shorts, in true LA fashion:

  • LA Live outdoor Ice Rink
  • Pershing Square Outdoor Ice Rink in DTLA
  • Irvine Spectrum Outdoor Ice Rink
  • Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo Indoor Ice Rink
  • Outdoor Ice Rink at the Pike Outlets in Long Beach

Big Bear

Although Big Bear isn’t apart of Los Angeles it is where everyone goes to get a taste of winter snow.

Surprisingly lodging can be very affordable if you choose to go with a group of people. At Big Bear, you can actually ski, snowboard, and play in the snow because chances are it will actually be snowing during the winter months.

Be sure to check the weather reports to plan your trip around storms so you can go on the days that are best for snow activities.

The Grove

If large Christmas Trees are more your speed then visiting The Grove should be on your to-do list.

The tree at The Grove is around 100-feet high and beautifully decorated.

Once you are done gazing at the tree you can then knock some items off your Christmas shopping list. The stores at the grove range from cost-effective shops like Zara, to high fashion stores and even tech stores like Apple, so there should be a little something for everyone on your list.

Descanso Gardens Forest of Light

Every Year Descanso Gardens creates the Enchanted Forest of Light. This renown garden is known for their incredible botanical exhibits and breathtaking walks.

Every December the grounds transform into a surreal light experience that extends for one mile.

The forest is on display from 5:30 to 10 pm until January 7th and only costs $28.

Queen Mary’s Chill

Queen Mary’s Chill is the first ever Ice Adventure Park in the United States, meaning that ice skating is the main means of transportation on the grounds.

On Saturdays, there will be fireworks, but every night there will be a Christmas tree Lighting, so if you missed your local tree lighting event then this will be your best alternative.

Queen Mary’s Chill is the best place in Long Beach to put you in the Holiday spirit.