What’s a better free thing for a kid to do during the long summer days than play at the playground. In Long Beach, playgrounds are all over the place. You can find them on the beach, at parks, by libraries and even in the heart of downtown. Here are just a few of the most popular around town.


Lincoln Park

You can’t miss Lincoln Park as you drive down Pacific Ave. It boasts a big playground, 2 dog parks, a skatepark and a giant penny statue right at the entrance. Recently opened, Lincoln Park is a must visit; it offers plenty of climbing equipment, slides, swings, turf fields and even a half court basketball court! If you’re lucky the library, which sits at the back of the park, will have fun activities lined up outside for the kids, like soccer, football and giant connect 4.


Recreation Park

Recreation Park recently opened on seventh street in Long Beach and is a fan favorite of all dino-lovers! Fully equipped with spinning swings, merry-go-rounds and a lot of climbing features. If the kids get bored of the the playground they can play or picnic in surrounding grass fields



Cherry and Junipero Beach

If playing close to the beach is more your style then this recently opened beachside playground could be a great option. It features two high, rope web climbing structures that meet at the top to tube slides. Close by to the park is not only the beach, but there is the newly opened Saltwater Deck eatery, basketball court and pickleball courts.



Mother’s  Beach 

Mother’s Beach is a Long Beach family favorite. Every local has, at one point in time, been to Mother’s Beach. What was once a fun shallow swimming section of beach for kids is now fully equipped with play structures for kids and a cafe for the family. If you haven’t already made your way to Mother’s Beach you should!