Any city with the word beach in its name must have some of the best pickings when in comes to beaches. However, there are so many to choose from. We’ll help you narrow that list down.


Mother’s Beach

mothers beach long beach

Mother’s Beach is located at 5839 Appian Way and is a local favorite. What was once just a nice beach to bring the kids for a swim has turned into a full playground complete a cafe and a kayak rental station. The activities are endless at Mother’s Beach are endless, which put’s it at the top of our list.


Bayshore Beach at the Belmont Shore


Bayshore beach is an iconic beach of Long beach. Located at the start of the famous 2nd Street Shops, Bayshore Beach is complete with a netted off buoy line for swimmers, kayak and paddle board rentals, and on the western most end of the beach there is basketball, handball, and bike path access. With everything this beach has to offer, this long thin strip of beach can get crowded so its best to get here early on a warm summer day to secure your spot.



Rosie’s Dog Beach



Perhaps the only official Dog Beach in Long Beach, but it is centrally located between downtown and the Belmont



Alamitos Beach


Last on the list is Alamitos Beach. This beach is one of our top beaches if you are close to Downtown Long Beach. Just below the cliffside of Cherry Park, Alamitos Beach has plenty of parking and has one of the most iconic views in all of Long Beach. On the weekends its known for all the classic cars that meet up and cruise through the beach parking. If you find yourself close to downtown I highly reccomend driving down to Alamitos Beach.

If you end up going here during the summer of 2022 you may also see the newest beach attraction, the “Wibit,” an inflatable aquatic playground. The inflatable water park, free and open to the public, will be configured in a figure-eight shape to connect multiple floating play structures.