Your Ride From LAX to Wherever

Get your taxi price and LAX faster with a RideYellow Trip Code.

Two easy ways to get your LAX Trip Code:

RideYellow App

RideYellow Taxi Cab App     Ride Sharing Tab App

LAX Web Booker

No Wait, No Surge – Leave LAX Faster

With RideYellow, not only do you get our reliable pricing that doesn’t ever surge but you also enjoy faster service by hopping in the first available taxi (LA Yellow Cab or United Checker Cab) from the taxi line at the LAX-it pickup lot.  

Whether you’re headed to DTLA, Hollywood, Disneyland, or anywhere else, use a RideYellow Trip Code to enjoy a better way to leave LAX.

How To Get Your Taxi at LAX

1) Get Your Trip Code

Create your Trip Code through the RideYellow app or the LAX Web Booker and lock-in your trip price.

2) Go to LAX-it

Proceed to the LAX-it pickup lot by walking or catching the free LAX-it shuttle.

3) Use the Taxi Line

At the taxi line, request for LA Yellow Cab and United Checker Cab only.

4) Redeem your Trip Code

Immediately upon entering the cab, read-off your Trip Code to your driver and you’ll be on your way!

Reasons to Taxi from LAX

Flat Rates

Our fleet partners have Flat Rates that you can use when leaving LAX. This flat rate is a guaranteed price that you can count on no matter the distance or traffic. Flat Rates vary and you can find a list of them below.

No Surge Pricing

Unlike other apps, we do not raise our prices during peak demand. This means that you can count on a reliable price everytime you use RideYellow.

Cheaper than a Shuttle

Typically, when 2 or more people use the same taxi from LAX, the ride is a lot cheaper than using a shuttle.

No Stops

When you take a Taxi to LAX you don’t have to worry about stopping to drop off or pick up strangers. Getting a Taxi at LAX means no stops before your destination.

Get Moving Faster