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The RideYellow App

How We’re Different

Experienced Drivers

Our drivers have years of experience as true professionals in the service industry. We love helping you get wherever you are going safer, faster, and happier with our Experienced Drivers.

Dependable Pricing

Our competitors raise their prices at the drop of a hat. While they raise their prices during times of high demand, we keep our prices dependably low. Flexibility up front with Dependable Pricing.

Fully Insured

While others skate by with the bare minimum, we strive to be the safest transportation option around. With industry leading coverage so you, and your driver, never have a thing to worry about, we are Fully Insured.

Background Checked

We value transparency because we have loved ones we want to check up on too. That’s why every driver goes through rigorous verified fingerprint background checks by top professional agencies. We are committed to Background Checked drivers.

Local Knowledge

It’s uncanny how well we know our areas of service. Our drivers are diverse and interesting. They have suggestions of where to eat, what to do, and what to see. Once you get chatting you’ll be surprised by our drivers’ Local Knowledge.

Flexible Payment

We know you want payment flexibility. That’s why you can choose to pay with cash or a stored credit card on the RideYellow app. We provide you more options through Flexible Payment.

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